Friday, 26 April 2019

The beauty of Mayonnaise

Although Mayonnaise is laden with calories and will not make you body beautiful if you eat too much it is great for the beauty of the skin and hair (when applied externally).
Mayonnaise contains oil, egg yolks and vinegar and is therefore rich in vitamin K and vitamin E.

Vitamin K is more of a skin vitamin
• helps reduce swelling from bruises
• helps to heal skin
• helps to strengthen skin
• helps to minimise scars

Vitamin E is good for the skin and hair
• Good for healthy scalp and hair
• helps hair growth
• It is a great moisturiser for dry, patchy skin

Applied as a conditioner after shampooing hair it gives the hair softness and shine

Apply it on the face as a mask to make the skin softer and more beautiful.

A bottle of mayonnaise certainly is a powerhouse of many beauty benefits. I will be experimenting with my own recipes including it in the future so watch this space!

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