Thursday, 30 May 2019

Ramadan day 25: Eid gift ideas

So the truth is that I have left it to the last minute to buy Eid gifts. It is a habit that follows me each year and I normally just end up giving money. But this year I would like to go extra because receiving money is boring right? It is especially so for little children. And a gift is something that should warm the heart and brings a little joy to the person receiving it. I love this beautiful Hadith about giving gifts.
1) Hampers filled with pamper products are sure to be a hit with most women after Ramadan.
2) Cute envelopes filled with money for the kids. They are a more exciting way for children to receive their Eidi. I am going to have a go at making my own envelopes this Eid.
3) Sweet Cones are always a hit with the kids.
4) Hand made Barfi (Indian sweets that are similar to fudge)
5) Perfume.
6) Set of glass bangles.
7) Homemade face mask.
8) Something personalised such as a mug or cushion etc.
9) Makeup.
10) A beautiful painting.

I can’t really think of more than this right now but I will try to come up with more ideas tomorrow InshAllah.

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