Monday, 13 May 2019

Ramadan - Day eight

I did not post anything for the past few days because I haven’t had much to say. It was the same old settling into the Ramadan routine etc. I feel like I am completely used to everything now. I have lots of energy and do not need to sleep during the day.
I’ve also been feeling a little bit sorry for myself because my psoriasis has flared up once again and I have been desperately trying not to itch. I am scared that I am getting it on my face now. I have had this condition for a year now and at first I did not know what it was but then I finally got an appointment at my doctors surgery but I did not get to see a doctor! I had to make do with a nurse who didn’t really know what my condition was. She sought the help of google images and compared my rash to them. Oh don’t get me wrong she was really nice and everything but I could have checked  google images myself and diagnosed myself! Anyway after much research I have since found that psoriasis is incurable. I am thinking so this is another incurable disease to add to the list I already have of incurable diseases. Let me see there’s Epilepsy, asthma and now psoriasis. And I keep thinking, why me? Will I ever get any respite? So many years of my life have been wasted suffering one illness after another. But I have plastered a smile on my face and have decided to grin and bear it as you do. Well it is the month of Ramadan and Islam advocates Sabr (patience). There is so much for me to be grateful about I should be filled with gratitude. I went for a walk because it was such a lovely, sunny day and went shopping along the way. I felt so much better afterwards.
Today I decided to make my own Chicken rolls. My husband normally buys them but I found that they are so easy to make and I had fun making them. All I had to do was boil the chicken keema with spices and garlic/ginger, tomatoes, potatoes (which I added halfway through). I waited for the chicken to cool and then fill these Chinese spring roll sheets and rolled them up perfectly.

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