Monday, 20 May 2019

Ramadan - Day fifteen

We are already half way through the month of Ramadan, time really is flying. So today I decided to try a new recipe because I have developed a passion for cooking new things. I made Spinach and Yellow split pea curry. I soaked the lentils for about an hour and then put them on the boil, little did I know beforehand how long they would take to cook! They were on the gas for the best part of four hours. I think it is time for me to invest in a pressure cooker. Anyway I would upload a photo if I had one but I am writing this at night and I cannot take good photos in the dark.

A few days ago I received my Latest In Beauty box and I love it. It was beautifully packaged.
Inside was an elegant black box.

And the products wrapped up in black tissue.

And I love everything inside!

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