Monday, 6 May 2019

Ramadan - Day one

So today was the first day of Ramadan and it has been a little shock to the system especially where my sleep routine is concerned. The food bit is not hard for me as I have been Intermittent fasting, doing the 16:8 mainly and sometimes even the 18:6. I can therefore go for long periods of time without food and drink. But having to wake up a 2am to make parathas for a husband who loves parathas is kind of hard really. I cannot eat anything at that time so all I had was a cup of tea and then I fell into bed after reading my Fajr prayer. As it was also Bank holiday I was still asleep when my kids woke up but my son (bless him) got his own breakfast. The day passed so quickly that I don’t think anyone will have had time to feel hungry. What is it with time these days? A moment passes all too quickly. I was totally unprepared food wise. I know people who fill their freezers with samosas and chicken rolls but not me haha. I really do live in the moment. I break my fast with a few dates myself, followed by soup, salad or a light sandwich but my family do love their fried snacks (well each to their own) and I make the snacks for them. Today I made pakoras, fruit chaat (salad) and samosas which I got frozen from the shop because I didn’t have the tie to make them myself. I also cooked the Suhoor meal whilst I was cooking the Iftar snacks because if I was to make it at midnight I would probably fall asleep in the kitchen. All in all it has been a great day. There is really nothing like the immense gratitude one feels when that first morsel of food passes the lips when breaking the fast. Here’s praying that tomorrow is another good day and we can all take another step closer to bettering ourselves.

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