Friday, 7 June 2019

My Beautiful Eid

I was so stressed with all the Eid preparations that I did not get time to write a blog post. I wanted to make this Eid special and I do think I managed it quite well. My Eid was hectic but also beautiful and sweet. I ordered my beautiful Eid balloon decorations just a few days early but it arrived on time; on the morning of Eid.

We spent the first day at my parents house and I gave these beautiful money envelopes which I made myself to my nephews and nieces. The effort was worth it when I saw the smiles on their cute faces.

It was a beautiful day even though it was raining throughout the first day. I forgot my healthy eating and ate lots delicious foods. I would post photos but I forgot to take them because I was distracted by all the yummy foods. And a mother’s cooking is always the best. We had Lamb Pilau and Tandoori chicken legs with mint raita followed by Sweet rice and Halwa for dessert.
So as you can guess Eid is mainly about eating, drinking and rejoicing in the moment.
My decorations and my envelopes were a hit with all the little ones. I can’t wait for the next Eid now which is in two months time. I intend to start planning for it now because I want to make it extra special. By the way how do you like these Eid accessories?

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